Wednesday, July 11, 2007


There is a Chinese proverb, 虎毒不食子 (hu3 du2 bu4 shi2 zi3), which means as ferocious as a tiger can be; it will not harm its own offspring.

Killed and burnt: Police probe couple's motive for killing Ying Ying

But we as human being can do that, and sometimes in the most devastating method as well. We can put up the most beautiful clothes on our bodies, wear the most beautiful makeup, and then be called ladies and gentlemen, but in another time, we commit the most hideous thing no one can imagine of; we claim dominance over this little planet with our limited intelligence, but sometimes our actions are a hell lot worse than the animals we claim as interior to us. We even started claiming the quality of God, through our science and technologies, but sometimes we destroy lives in manner worse than the Devil himself.

Sometimes I am ashamed to call myself a human being.

Shockingly unbelievable, but no one can escape from seeing the news whenever we flip the newspapers, or tune in to TV news, even the Internet news portal is full of the case’s report. Reading this kind of news just makes the sunny day outside seems so gloomy and distressing.

I just hope that little girl can find peace in her death.