Wednesday, July 04, 2007

MG Turn A - the Most Human-like Model of All?

I can definitely understand why Bandai chose Turn A as MG 100 now. It's both mechanical and organic for a Gundam, so the burden was for Bandai to create a Gunpla which is harmonic in both ends. Since most MG releases in the are able to mimic human actions, and I would say, very mechanical but quite successfully nonetheless, MG Turn A not only needs to have these actions, but must be more human-like as well.

But Bandai being Bandai never fails to impress. Just look at the leg design: even I can't stand so elegantly :-D I remember one of the design sketches for Turn A many many years ago when it was initially launched, which looks exactly like this photo! Many many thumbs up for Bandai and MG Turn A.

Image is sent to my email by a friend. Thanks in advance to anyone who can verify the source.

Yes, folks, the cow is indeed included XD

An unbelievable pose for a model o_O