Thursday, August 23, 2007

PLAMO Review 22: HG 1/100 Chaos Gundam

It feels kind of strange at first to talk about this Gunpla, since this is not my recent Gunpla work, and Gundam SEED Destiny is over for quite a long time already. But if you're looking for a lost gems among all the SEED Destiny kits, then here's one for you: HG 1/100 Chaos Gundam.

A bit of background information about this MS: Chaos Gundam was developed by ZAFT as one of their next generation MSs at the beginning of SEED Destiny. Just like the five GAT-X series Gundams developed by OMNI (Strike, Buster, Duel, Aegis and Blitz) at the beginning of SEED, there were five ZGMF-X series Gundams as well. Apart form Chaos, there were Gaia, Abyss, Impulse, and Savior. While the storyline sounded repetitive, each of the Gundams was way more superior than their distance "predecessors". All of them are transformable, and in their MA (Mobile Armor) mode, specialize in different terrains and combat situations. The experience of ZAFT forces on Earth also enabled them to design these five Gundams to fit both space and terrestrial environment, almost perfectly.

Chaos Gundam in particular, was designed to specialize in aerial combat. That's why its designation code of ZGMF-X24S is so close to that of Savior Gundam (ZGMF-X23S), another ZAFT triumph card in the air. Extremely fast and agile, Chaos is also armed in almost every part of its body. Apart from the vulcans on its head, chest and shield, Chaos's main armament is the twin weapon pods mounted on its backpack. Not exactly the DRAGOON system (or as powerful either) as seen on Providence, and later Strike Freedom and Legend Gundam. The two weapon pods utilized AI-assisted communication system so that normal pilot can control them as well. Each barrel has its own thruster and is armed with a beam cannon and an array of missiles.

As seen in the anime, Chaos Gundam truly lived up to its name for all the havoc and chaos it wrecked after being hijacked right under the ZAFT's nose by Earth Alliance's "biological CPU" Sting Oakley. There were a total of three Gundams being stolen. Apart from Chaos, there were Gaia and Abuss. However, among the three, Chaos was the last to be defeated, but "humiliatingly" by a bunch of Murasame from Orb. Read more about Chaos' mecha information on

In terms of the model kit, I bought it with the pocket money I got before Chinese New Year two years ago ^_^. In 1/100 scale, this kit is as tall as an average MG model, but with its huge rear skirt armor, backpack and the weapon pods, it looks much bigger than the rest of the crowd. So folks who are looking for a big-sized Gunpla, Chaos is quite a nice option. Since it's of HG format, building it is extremely easy, and I had a lot of fun in the process since all the parts are quite big. Also, it uses quite a lot of polycaps for its joints, so overall, its articulation is very rich.

Kneeling despite the backpack is no-problem-mo for this kit.

The only problem seems to be the shield, which always hits the wing of the weapon pod on the backpack, so unless the shield is removed, the movement of the left arm is a bit limited.

In terms of painting, most of the colors are molded on the parts, only details on the helmet, beam rifle and the skirt armor need a bit of painting.

The main focus is of course Chaos's MA transformation. It's really quite easy actually: the upper body bends down while the head folded into the backpack, and then the knee folds out to form the claws. There are some nifty tricks designed into the kit nonetheless, for example the V-antenna on the head have a bit of transformation similar to that of Zeta Gundam, and the backpack has a room to store the head, so that it's less visible in the MA mode. There are also little locks on the rear shirt armor to keep the legs firm in place. The MA mode of Chaos does seem quite formidable, especially the backpack which forms the "beak". I saw a Japanese (can't remember the source, sorry) painted it with a shark mount, which looks extremely cool.

With the rifle, shield and the claws pointing forward, the MA mode of Chaos looks extremely sharp.

However, the weight of the backpack is still considerable and after a while, the monster will get "sleepier" and the whole thing will eventually bend down to "kiss" the table +_+

The weapon pods are able to show the cannon and the missiles without the need of swapping parts.

In terms of the weapons, while the weapon pods is indeed quite unique, my pick is the four beam blades which can be attached to the claws of Chaos. Workable in both MS and MA mode, they totally rocks!

Take this!!

Action poses made richer with the Action Display Base.

For more photos, please visit Chaos Gundam's gallery

On the other hand, do you know that the face/mask design of Chaos is exactly the same as Strike Noir Gundam?

So, that makes us brothers then?