Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007 Photos Part 2: GFF and Others

Part 2 of photos from Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007. This time we look at non-Gunpla stuff, especially Gundam Fix Figuration figures.

All the photos are from GA Graphics, which set up three pages worth of juicy photos from the event. Check out their report page, Gallery 1, and Gallery 2. Another two websites you might want to check out are and Game Watch.

GFF Musha Gundam

GFF Psycho Gundam

GFF Full Armor & Perfect Gundam: Hard to tell who is who without their rollout color, the one on the left in the first picture is Full Armor. Anyway, from the looks of it, the highly popular Gundam Ver. Ka will be the one in armor this time, instead of Okawara's version as depicted in the original mecha design.

Small scale Gundam 00 figures: From the lack of colors and their fixed poses, I assume that these will be in capsule toy, or gashapon size. One thing for sure, more are coming out in the future.

H.G.C.O.R.E. Gundam 00: Whatever H.G.C.O.R.E. stands for~ They look like another extension to the Gundam gashapon world, probably with richer details and cooler poses. My favorite is Gundam Virtue posing with his double shoulder cannon armed.
That lone figure of Gundam Excia on the left is made of pure silver. Wuhhuh~

Core Fighter Collectibles: Trading kits of Core Fighters? Can't make it out for sure since their size are too big as gashapon, plus, that Pegasus White Base seems to have quite a bit of details in its body as well. Hmmm, any idea?

Fusion Works Wing Gundam Zero

Strike Freedom, 1-10 scale Zeong, Gundam, Zeta, Hyaku Shiki and 1-1 Scale Zaku II Head: I suppose I don't have to tell you that these are strictly for display only right? :)

Cagilli in wedding dress from SEED Destiny

A girl from Turn A: Turn A fans should know her name.

Meer and Yzak: Yzak, what have they done to you?! :-D

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