Thursday, August 30, 2007

Alien Versus Predator, Again

Still remember the first AVP three years ago? Personally, I think that movie killed the image of both Alien and Predator in one evil-Hollywood-money-making-flick. Making the Predator helping the human to fight against the Aliens in that movie was like, well, Darth Vader asking Luke Skywalker to help him fight the Sith Lord.

Again, that's just my personal opinion.

However, get ready for the second installment of AVP, called Requiem (as well as "Survival of the Fittest" or just AVP2 in the U.S.) coming on Christmas this year. More blood, more gruesome effects, fast-paced action sequences, more fighting, and more people to increase the body count. It's so violent that the trailer on Youtube can't get a MPAA rating lower than Restricted. I wonder if this movie can get into Malaysian cinema when it's released?


This time each race just slaughters whatever and whoever stands in their way. In a sick way, I suppose that's the right way to characterize the Alien and the Predator? Text link to Youtube.

I'm a huge fan of both Alien and the Predator, so this movie is definitely not to be missed for me. But then again, after the disappointment of the first movie, I'm wondering, can Part 2 salvage the damage done three years ago to the Alien and Predator franchise, or will the new movie break the fans' heart again. Is it really going to work?

Let's just wait and see.