Friday, August 24, 2007

MSN-06S Shinange

I must say, the mecha from Gundam Unicorn totally kick-ass.

First off, Gundam Unicorn in normal mode might seems plain, but when it's in the Destroy mode, it's just as awesome as awesome can be.

The novel features a Zeta variation called ReZEL, which is the combo of Zeta and Methuss.

Image from Gundam Unicorn MS/Mechanic page

Next, the almighty MS/MA NZ-666 Kshatriya.

And the all-new mecha announced in the latest Gundam Ace magazine: MSN-06S Shinange.

Image from Mecha Talk.

Wow!! Is the the best Zeon mecha in red or what? Although the designation code of MSN-06S is so close to that of MS-06S Char's Zaku II, Shinange is way better than that One Year War MS. Currently there's not much information about its design, or armament list, except the thruster output (that means how fast he can fly :) is 128,600kg, which is a little bit less than Gundam Unicorn (142,600kg). Will Shinange be the final boss to face Gundam Unicorn?

But, the thing that troubles me the most is the header of that image of Shinange that says that the Red Comet is returning.

Is the Red Comet referring to Char Aznable?

Gundam Unicorn happens in UC0096, which is three years later than the event of Char's Counterattack, and everyone knows that Char vanished with Amuro at the end of the war, and presumably, dead.

So, will Char be resurrected through Shinange?