Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007 Photos Part 1: Gunpla

An exhibition all about Gundam! How I wish I can be there and get excited like a little kid :) While the attention seems to be mainly on Gundam 00 merchandises, there are many other products which are equally impressive, and worth some spaces from your camera if you're there. My pick is definitely MG Destiny coming in October.

All the photos are from GA Graphics, which set up three pages worth of juicy photos from the event. Check out their report page, Gallery 1, and Gallery 2. Another two websites you might want to check out are and Game Watch.

Since there are so many photos about the event, I'm going to talk about them in two separate postings: Part 1 is about Gunplas while Part 2 is on GFF and others.

Master Grade Destiny Gundam: With more than a month away from its release, this finalized prototype seems to be screaming to be out sooner than that :) As mentioned before, everything looks much sharper and meaner. Plus, like MG Freedom and Strike Freedom, it comes with a stand which is shaped after its wings. Super-duper cool! SEED Destiny fans, time to update your wish list!

HGUC Jadg Doga: Also out in October is Gyunei's version of HGUC Jadg Doga, but Quess Paraya's pink version is being shown as well. Talk about business motivation of Bandai. Anyway, the two kits seems to be molded in colors which are really close to their anime version, especially for Quess's version. A really good news for people without an airbrush like me. I wonder if the clear parts for the Funnel effect as seen on Gyunei's Jadg Doga will be included as well.

Speed Grade models: Other names for these models may include 15-minute-Gunpla or instant-noodle-Gunpla :) since Bandai keeps on reminding people of the clock. For me, the time isn't important at all. More importantly, most of the colors and details, and a stand are included. Space-saving, not too eye-catching but equally fun for Gundam fans in offices.

Gundam Excia: I wonder if this is the HG version of Excia. The clear part for the chest and polycaps for the the wrist seem a bit too sophisticated for FG. Anyway, the more I see him, the more I'm convinced that his mecha designer got the idea after watching Final Fantasy; Advent Children :) Just look at the sword pose.

HG Gundam Dynames and Gundam Kyrios: Gundam Excia's buddies coming out in October and November respectively. Since it's in HG format, Gundam Kyrios will be transformable. On the other hand, the shoulder shields of Gundam Dynames seem a bit oversize for me (they look more like his wings now). What do you think?

Union Flag and Tieren: I was still wondering how Bandai is going to design Gunpla for these two mecha, and here they are ^^; Tieren seems to have an axe-shaped weapon apart from the machine gun mounted on his right forearm, which pushes him another step closer to resembling Zaku II.

HCM-Pro Gundam Excia, Dynames and Kyrios: Technically not Gunpla, but there's no justice separating these mainstream Gundam 00 merchandises from each other, hence the exception. Excia and Dynames are no more strangers (or surprise) since how their HCM-Pro will be like are already out the moment Gundam 00 merchandise series were being announced. But this is the first time I see the MA mode of Kyrios, and it's really quite impressive. It looks a bit like Wing and Airmaster but not quite. Cool~

Gundam 00 Carrier Plotemaios: Not just the Gundams, the carrier is out as well! Since it's in the Gundam Collection series, I assume that it will be of 1/400 scale.