Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Graduation 2007

The previous posting was on the rehearsal, and this morning was the actual graduation ceremony of my university.

Funnily, I was having this strong sense of deja-vu all morning. The gowning, the wait, walking into the auditorium, walking up the stage, etc were almost exactly the same as last year's experience. While I was going for the conclusion of my Master of Multimedia, the venue was full of memory from last year. I supposed back then, it was the first time I participated in such a formal ceremony, and most of the fellow graduates back then were of the same batch as mine, so there were plenty of familiar faces around. It was full of excitement and anticipation.

For this time however, the sense of tension and excitement seems to fade quite a bit. It's no fun when you can anticipate everything right from the beginning. It was like building the same Gunpla twice ^o^. Of course the second one can be done better, since you'll know which part needs more attention, which part is more fragile and so on, but you don't feel much special during the process anymore, since you'll definitely know how it's going to look like in the end.

Pardon me for dragging my interest into a posting which is totally unrelated to it. For non-Gunpla readers, just think of my feeling as watching the same movie for the second time (not Michael Bay's Transformers though, that's one absolutely kick-ass movie).

Since nothing really changed, just read about my graduation last year if you're hoping to know the drill of the whole morning. I'll let the photos do the talking for now.

Staff from the university helped to put on the regalia for the graduates.

The wait for the ceremony to begin was nearly as long as the ceremony itself!

Same camera position, different environment now.

Remember to bow, remember to bow, ...

Group photo session after the ceremony

Presenting Louis Laja, my course mate who is also a loyal supporter of Liverpool like me.

Picture with Teck Boon (far left) and another course mate from MA of Multimedia, Augustus (far right).

Remember some of them? Ken Hui (far right), Dian (second from right) and Selena the little girl in the middle ^^ are graduates from Bachelor of Multimedia. Like the MA of Multimedia, they are the first batch of graduates from their course as well.

Kok Choong will get his turn next year :-D

Had a nice chat with Mike about Transformers before the start of the ceremony

Talk about deja-vu ^^; The flower is from Aileen and Kok Choong. Thanks!

Now this is the best part: last year I wore size 60, and this year it's 68! Sooner or later, my head's going to explode. Muahahahaha~

More pictures on my Flickr.