Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chara Hobby 2007

Chara Hobby is another huge toy and hobby event in Japan. Since it is held so closely with Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007, I suspect that Bandai as one of the participating companies just shifted their Gunpla and stuff to Chara Hobby right after Gundam Expo Tokyo is done. Cheeky as usual, but Gundam fans can still feast their eyes on quite some Gundam related merchandises, particularly figurines ^^

Here are some of the selected photos from various sources reported from Gunota Headlines.

The crowd at the event seems a bit... Image from The Gundam Base Side 1

The well anticipated MG Destiny Gundam, this time posing with the Anti-ship Sword. The display stand seems to be in red. The design of the knee armor seems a bit awkward to me though~ Image from GA Graphic

Full Armor Zeta Gundam? Image from GA Graphic

Promo video of Gundam Unicorn - looks like the After Image effect of Gundam F91 to me. Image from The Gundam Base Side 1

Another screen shot from the promo video of Gundam Unicorn. The beam rifle looks awesome! Image from The Gundam Base Side 1

One of the limited Gunpla on sale during Chara Hobby 2007 - PG Gundam RX-78-2 (Kunio Okawara Illustration Color Ver.) Image from The Gundam Base Side 1

The box image of HG 1/144 Gundam Excia coming out in October. Looks very SEED-like to me~ Image from The Gundam Base Side 1

HCM-Pro Gundam Special Color Ver. - to commemorate the third year of the HCM-Pro series. Image from The Gundam Base Side 1.

Resin kit of Gundam Mudrock. Super-duper cool!! Image from Pam's Homepage.

Lovely figurines of EFSF and Zeon female officers. More on Dengeki Online.

Real girls ^^ wearing EFSF uniforms. They seem to be promoting the video game of The Bond of Battlefield. Image from Gundam Info.

Another cute girl in Scopedog pilot suit. Image from Gundam Info.

Surprise! Bumblebee classic Camaro is also on display in the event. Image from