Sunday, August 12, 2007

Graduation Rehearsal 2007

Just attended the rehearsal for the graduation ceremony of my MA in Multimedia at the Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Assembly Hall). I don't blame you if you think that a rehearsal sounds funny. Most universities have too many graduates and rehearsal is basically impossible (and unnecessary too).

Random snap outside the hall while waiting for the rehearsal to start.

Well, not for my university obviously. Swinburne University is still growing at the moment, in terms of its student population, so is the number of graduates. There are 'around 200 this year, but trust me, in a few years to come, what I said about having rehearsal will become applicable to Swinburne.

So, probably for the last time, graduates including me get to practice where to line up, how to walk into the hall, how to walk up the stage, how to shake hands with the VIPs, how to smile at the camera and how to appear as gracefully as possible in front of everyone :)

The extravagant ceiling lamp (is that how you call that thing?): Something I deemed unnecessary to upload last year regains a bit of my attention this time :)

The real show is on this Tuesday, but somehow I don't feel much of the excitement anymore since the last experience of graduating was just last year. Funnily, some of the people who attended the ceremony as guest and ushers last year will wear their graduation regalia this time.

But then again, I'm beginning to miss some of my course mates who graduated together wih me last year...

You won't see any T-shirt and jeans anymore the next time a photo is taken from this position.

Academic staff going up the stage, complete with background music some more~

The two VIPs with their names on the wallpaper will take their seats on the two 'thrones'

An upside down photo? No, this is the reflection of the mirrors on the ceiling outside the hall.

Walking down the red carpet ^^;

Rehearsal in progress...