Wednesday, August 29, 2007

SD Sangokuden Lu Bu and Chi Tu

Finally, some news on the release of SD Sangokuden Lu Bu. Unfortunately, his mighty halberd will be molded in one piece, meaning it will only look good on one side, while the other face will have some ugly hollow spaces. Why can't Bandai just create a piece of covering to give the halberd details on both sides? It will be just another piece of plastic anyway.

But the biggest surprise of all, Lu Bu will come with his horse Chi Tu (赤兔).

That's not all, because the horse can actually...

...transform into a motorbike!

That's right folks, a transformable horse. Somehow everyone is in the craze for Transformers, and SD Sangokuden is in as well ^^ With Lu Bu's devilish face design, he looks very much like the Ghost Rider to me.

Anyone interested to modify Lu Bu into something like this :D Image from Upcoming Horror Movie.

Because of the horse, the price will be much higher than the regular SD kit: 2100 Yen (around RM74). It will be released in November.

On the other hand, two kingly kits are confirmed as well: Cao Cao (曹操), king of Wei and Sun Quan (孙权), king of Wu. It seems like Cao Cao's left hand is fixed in his "point-the-finger" pose. That's certainly going to make this model looks funny in certain poses.

Cao Cao Gundam, 525 Yen (around RM18), coming in October.

Sun Quan Gundam, 525 Yen, coming in November.

Also, two new characters: Xiahou Yuan (夏侯渊) and Jiang Wei (姜维).

In the original novel of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Xiahou Dun (夏侯渊, left) wielded a sword. He was also exceptionally good in archery. In Sangokuden, his primary weapon seems to be a huge mace, probably to emphasis his strength.

Infomartion on Jiang Wei can be found in my previous post. Xiahou Yuan is Xiahou Dun (夏侯惇)'s younger brother, and like his older brother, was an extremely loyal warrior to Cao Cao. His record of victories was countless, and earned the title of General of the West (征西将军) among his rank. He was finally killed by Liu Bei's old general, Huang Zhong (黄忠) in one battle. In Sangokuden, his design seems to be based on XM-04 Berga Dalas from Gundam F91, identified from the mane, or headgear on his helmet, and the mace, which replaces the Shot Lancer from his original design.

For both Jiang Wei and Xiahou Yuan, it's not sure at the moment whether they will be released as model kit, but one thing for sure: the world of Sangokuden is getting more and more interesting.