Monday, September 21, 2009

1/100 Cherudim, Arios & Seravee Designer's Color Ver. Release Date

A case of "forget and ignore" by Bandai? ^^;

Listed for regular release at the end of August, and the release date given was this month, but the exact date was not listed on Bandai Hobbysite at all. ^^;

Amazon Japan shed some light on that missing information.

1/100 Cherudim, Arios and Seravee Designer's Color Ver. are all listed to be released on October 1st from Amazon Japan, which is actually the same release date listed for 1/100 Regen Duel and Nix Providence, but we know that later two are going to be out on September 28th as according to Bandai Hobbysite (official release date), so it seems highly possible that the trio will be boarding the last ride to be released in this month as well. ^^;

Then again, without confirmation from Bandai, the date is disputable. Bandai might announces the delay of their release till next month. Fans please watch out for that.

Images are from this previous posting.