Sunday, September 27, 2009

Super Hot Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Crossover Prize Item Set

Moeyo reported that Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji Club Lucky Star x Macross Frontier Crossover prize item set, which went on sales yesterday (September 26th) is now sold out!

Some shops had the stocks cleared in about 10 minutes the moments sales began O_O

Hot stuff is really hot. ^^;

Fans of Lucky Star and Macross Frontier would definitely prefer Banpresto to be a little profit-minded in this scenario, and put the whole set on regular sales instead of having them to be just prize items. ^^;

Also, new images of several types from the whole prize item set:

Type B: Kagami Hiiragi (Klan Cosplay) Premium Figure

Type D: Miyuki Takara (Sheryl Cosplay) Premium Figure

Type G: Spring characters (きゅんキャラ) Macross F Cosplay

All images from Moeyo: Link 1, Link 2 (Kagami), Link 3 (Miyuki).