Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Robot Damashii [Side XX]

As mentioned before, a new sub-series of Tamashii Nation's Robot Damashii product line will be announced at the upcoming Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn, which will be held this Friday and weekends, from October 2nd till 4th at Akihabara Akiba Square UDX2F.

The new sub-series will come from the result of the feedback campaign done by Tamashii Nation in late July. From that ampaign, there were a total of 4,500 responses to the question asking about what new sub-series customers would like to see in Robot Damashii, and the results include some really fascinating candidates: ^^

* [SIDE AQ] - Genesis of Aquarion?
* [SIDE AW] - After War Gundam X?
* [SIDE CE] - Cosmic Era?
* [SIDE EV] - Evangelion?
* [SIDE FFN] - Final Fantasy?
* [SIDE HL] - ?
* [SIDE NDSC] - Martian Successor Nadesico?
* [SIDE OM] - ?
* [SIDE YRI] - ?

These suggested new sub-series are not shown in order of their total number of responses in the second image actually. Bandai would definitely take the numbers into consideration, but as it's unclear to us, any one among them is a candidate to [Side XX] mentioned.

But personally, I'm not too fond of seeing Evangelion to be released really. ^^; Kaiyodo's already having a whole array of Revoltech Evas, fans are going to be bored if there are too many action figures of Evas at the same time I believe. I really hope [Side OG] actually turns out to be SRW OG. Can't wait to see Robot Damashii [Side OG] Daizengar or Alteisen coming out ^^

Also, if [Side AW] and [Side CE] turns out to be After War Gundam X and Cosmic Era (Gundam SEED and all its variations), I think the fans are conveying a strong message to Bandai that they want to see different style of design between the different Gundam series, instead of putting everyone under [Side MS]. There are notable differences between sub-series in the MG line, like SEED/Destiny, Ver. 2.0 and Ver. Ka. I believe fans want that segregation to be in the Robot Damashii line as well.

How would Bandai responds to that if it's indeed the case I wonder. ^^

Also, as it turned out that Tamashii Web Shop limited Robot Damashii [Side MS] O Gundam doesn't come with the GN Particle effect part like the HG Gunpla version, it doesn't qualify as the "new unit with wings" yet to be announced anymore. ^^; Folks need to keep on guessing about it XD

Anyway, all questions to be answered at the upcoming Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn, and hopefully there's something physical for us to look at instead of a black silhouette of [Side XX] at the event. ^^;

All images from Robot Damashii Web Diary.