Saturday, September 19, 2009

Robot Damashii Unit with Wings to be Displayed at Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn

Hints from Tamashii Web regarding new items to be showcased at the upcoming Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn, which will be held from October 2nd till 4th at Akihabara Akiba Square UDX2F.

From the Robot Damashii series:
* New item from [Side LFO] to be announced,
* Unit with wings from [Side MS] to be announced,
* A new sub-series to be announced.

S.H. Figuarts
* A surprise for everyone - keyword: "Joker"
(Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker?)

Soul of Chogokin
* Daitarn 3 to be shown

Macross Frontier
* An area will be set up for fans to experience the heavy feel of DX Chogokin Macross Quarter and its transformation gimmicks.
* New category, the evolution in VF100's series - "VF High Metal"

Armor Plus
* The White Devil (? - 白い魔神) to be announced

Time to speculate who's that winged unit for Robot Damashii [Side MS]. ^^

Information from Tamashii Web.