Friday, September 25, 2009

Krrunching my way to Uniquely Singapore

It's a great honor for me to announce that Ngee Khiong has been nominated for Nuffnang Dotcom's first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Awards for "The nerds of all blogs" - the Best Geek Blog category. ^^

The award ceremony will be held in Singapore on October 23rd. More details can be found on the official site.

As part of the event, there's a voting going on for 11 out of the 12 categories contested. You can cast your vote through this link.

As the only Gundam blog in the whole award, I hope Gundam fans could take some time and vote for my blog in the Best Geek Blog category. Thank you very much on that. ^^

There's also a contest going on right now, where interested bloggers from the Asian-Pacific region get to participate and win a chance to attend the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, plus tour and even cash prize. Transportation and accommodation will be provided for non-Singaporean winners.

And I really hope there are Gundam fans emerging as winners from that contest, so that there won't be just one Gundam fan at the event XD

More details of the competition through this link.

It's definitely a great honor for me and this blog to be nominated for such a huge event. Franky, I never see that coming at all. All I do is blog, blog more and blog even more about Gundam, and other mecha stuff, and then got nominated. ^^ I thank the Nuffnang team for nominating my blog for the award.

To receive such a honor this year, when Gundam is celebrating its 30th Anniversary is a tremendous thrill to me. It seems like the whole nomination is part of the celebration for Gundam as well. Yet, the more I think about it, the more I feel that I need to thank all my readers who supported this blog all this while. ^^ This blog has been way more meaningful with such a lot of support from all of you over the years, and much more helpful as well, with the generous input from all of you in various areas through the limited chatbox. ^^;

I was saving that for a longer speech next year when this blog celebrates its 4th birthday, but it's true and absolutely relevant no matter when I say it. ^^

Finally, I just realized through the nomination, that in others' perception, I'm an Otaku after all ^^;