Friday, September 18, 2009

Banpresto's Musha Gundam Standing Emaki Chapter Fire & Mountain Intro

Some information about the new Musha Gundam figures displayed at the 17th Prize Fair mentioned this morning.

From the series "SD Gundam Sengoden Vol. Furin Kazan" (SDガンダム戦国伝 風林火山編) comes Banpresto's DX Assembly Type Musha Standing Emaki, which features the four Heavenly Kings representing every element of Furin Kazan - wind, forest, fore and mountain.

GA Graphic has an introduction on the two from the Chapter of Fire and Mountain:

Double Zeta Gundam of the Fire (火炎の駄舞留精太)

Psycho of the Giant Mountain (巨山の斎胡)

Third week of March 2010 release.

There are other members from DX Assembly Type Musha Standing Emaki on display at the event as well, yet to be revealed.

All images from GA Graphic.