Sunday, September 27, 2009

BB Senshi Sangokuden Taishiji Dom's Comic

Not confirm to be official, these are images from a forum showing what might be the comic of BB Senshi Sangokuden Taishiji Dom's manual, which will be released tomorrow.

What's interesting about the comic to me isn't Taishiji Dom, nor Kyoui Gundam F91, nor Sonsaku GP02A, but Neue Ziel. His power as depicted in the comic is mind control it seems? He is able to turn Sonken's army against each other, and the victims include Kannei Kampfer and Ryoumei Dijeh from the marine corps.

Sonsaku GP02A is fighting against Neue Ziel as shown towards the end of the comic, which is very exciting really, as both units in UC0083 are piloted by the same person. XD Not an easy fight, but Sonsaku's going to make through I believe, since his BB Senshi kit will only be released in November. Kyoui Gundam F91 will come in next month.

Also, with Neue Ziel making such an impact in the comic, does that mean the mighty gattai involving the members from the Shima family and Neue Ziel as seen in this previous posting is indeed going to happen?

Images are from Komica.