Wednesday, September 30, 2009

37% Discount for PG 00 Raiser on Amazon Japan

Fans outside Japan are not going to like this news one bit I believe. ^^;

PG 00 Raiser, with special display base included has been given a 37% discount on Amazon Japan.

The regular price as we know it is 26,250 Yen with tax, it's now 16,533 Yen after discount, less than the price of PG Astray Red Frame. ^^;

Other websites like Amiami and Happinet Online give 30% discount for this kit, which is the more "normal" amount of discount. Hobby Shop Digitamin tags 33% discount on it (17,500 Yen), but so far, Amazon Japan's price is the lowest.

(Big-time) Unfortunately for fans outside Japan, the websites mentioned do not ship internationally. ^^;

While websites in Japan are having a lot of fun slashing the price for this upcoming PG, fans outside Japan must be looking on with very envious eyes ^^;

It's time to know some friends in Japan XD

Image is from this previous posting.