Sunday, December 20, 2009

Limited Gunpla Sales at Gundam Expo Osaka 2009

Gundam Expo Osaka 2009 has started since yesterday (December 19th) at Hanshin Department Store Shop 8F, Umeda, Osaka, and will be ongoing till next Friday (Christmas).

Various Gunplas on display, for those who are interested to learn more about its development over these two decades.

1/100 G-Falcon, Gundam Double X and Gundam X.

And if you're planning to get any of the 13 limited Gunplas announced several days ago, you better be quick, because ...

People are sweeping them like mad! ^^; It's even more crazier than Gundam Expo Hiroshima 2009 XD Nobody is holding just one kit, everyone is carrying two kits or more XD

I never thought clear color Gunplas would be that popular XD Maybe the organizer should prepare shopping carts for the customers' convenience. ^^;

And, shopping cart needed to purchase Gunplas, that notion itself is pretty crazy, don't you think so? ^^

All images are from Futaba Imageboard.