Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sound Booster Pack for VF Hi-Metal Fire Valkyrie?

From the cover of this month's issue of Figure Oh, we get to see a really tiny silhouette of VF Hi-Metal Fire Valkyrie, but with special attachments on the shoulders.

Sound Booster pack to be released for this action figure maybe? This is mentioned on CyberGundam regarding bits of the magazine's content. However, there is no image yet to confirm on this. But I kind of suspect that it's going to be a Tamashii Web Shop limited release, since special equipment packs seldom get regular releases.

VF Hi-Metal VF-19 Kai Fire Valkyrie will be released in late January at 7,350 Yen (inclusive of tax). More images in this previous posting.

Magazine scan is from Mono Online.