Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Fafner: Dead Aggressor Project in 2010

The official website of "Fafner: Dead Aggressor" reveals a new project called ""Heaven and Earth" coming in next year.

The image above is from the Flash splash screen of the website, which happens to be the only section mentioning the new project. Folks with slower Internet connection need to exercise a bit of patience as the large banner and lines of Japanese text slowly roll out after a few minutes one after the other ^^;

You do get to listen to some nice sound effect of sea waves though. ^^;

On a related note, the project seems to "fit" very nicely with Robot Damashii [Side FFN] revealed on Robot Damashii Web Diary mentioned many moons ago. I thought it was Final Fantasy, but many told me it's Fafner instead. I wasn't too sure because the last Fafner anime (which I never watched) was 5 years back, and it doesn't seem likely that Bandai would place it into the Robot Damashii line, the product series with very frequent releases.

Not anymore with this new project announced. ^^

Image is from the official website.