Saturday, December 26, 2009

SD Gundam Bind Sangokuden Vol. 1

A new set of SD Gundam Bind has been announced, and this Gundam gashapon series enters a new chapter with the release of all Sangokuden characters as a set.

No image yet, but there will are 10 types in total for this set (as with all other SD Gundam Bind sets), featuring:

* Ryubi Gundam
* Kan-U Gundam
* Chouhi Gundam
* Sousou Gundam
* Kouten The O
* Horse unit + Ryubi's Armor
* Soldier unit (Giga) + Kan-U's Armor
* Soldier unit (Giga) + Chouhi's Armor
* Soldier unit (Giga) + Sousou's Armor
* Soldier unit (Giga) + Kouten's Armor

Mid April release, 100 Yen each.

A future release for the movie no doubt. ^^ For you information, SD Gundam Bind Vol. 6 will be out in early March.

Information is from The Machine's Toys.