Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1-meter Tall Eva Unit-1 & ES Gokin Go Shogun Reviews

It's finally out, this amazing 1-meter tall statue of Eva Unit-1 New Movie Ver. ^^ And amazingly, we get to see a review done on it as well, on ToyWorld Forum.

The box is 1.3 meter tall, while the statue itself, in the scale of 1/80, has a head height of 92cm, shoulder height of 1.03 meter according to the review.

For those who have no idea what-so-ever about this statue, it was actually mentioned in this previous posting made in mid May this year. It was also on display at Wonder Festival [Summer] 2009 in July.

This statue of Eva Unit-1 is an Evangelion Web Store limited item. Pre-order period is long over now. The price is 155,400 Yen (inclusive of tax).

While it's just a statue that doesn't have any articulation or gimmick, the sheer size is just unbelievably awesome. ^^

Images are from ToyWorld Forum.

Another item just released, which would make many scream out, "Finally!!" is this ES Gokin 01 Go Shogun from Art Storm. A review can be seen on Otakuhaiyuu.

Announced back in March and scheduled to be released in September, but then delayed till November, and then delayed again till this month, along with Jeeg, Getter 1, 2 and 3 ^^;

Even Otakuhaiyuu complained about the delay at the end of the review. (不満があるとすれば・・・・・・・・・・延期しないでくださいよ) ^^;

ES Gokin 02 Steel God Jeeg and Panzeroid should be out already I believe.

Images are from Otakuhaiyuu.