Thursday, December 24, 2009

VF Hi-Metal Fire Valkyrie New Images

New images of VF Hi-Metal VF-19 Kai Fire Valkyrie from Tamashii Nation:

160mm tall. Made of ABS, PVC and some die-cast parts. Some part of the transformation is via part-swapping.

Late January release, 7,350 Yen (inclusive of tax). There's no mentioning of the Sound Booster pack shown on the cover of Figure Oh No. 143 shown the other day though.

Love the metallic red paint scheme, but like the G.F.F.N. series, it's too expensive for an action figure of that size for me >_<

This is the first release in the "VF Hi-Metal" series. The next release would be VF-1J Valkyrie Hikaru Ichijo's Unit - release date & price TBA.

Images are from GA Graphic.