Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nanbara Connection Base Release Info & Chogokin for the Adult Special Website

Tamashii Web Shop finally revealed (partially) the release info of Nanbara Connection Base, compatible for Soul of Chogokin GX-50 Combattler V.

300mm tall, 440mm wide when expanded. Pre-order will begin on January 8th. More images can be seen in this previous posting.

The price is 10,440 Yen (inclusive of tax), for fans who order this items using the special ticket included for Soul of Chogokin GX-50 Combattler V. The price has a 3,000 Yen discount off the regular price.

Image is from Tamashii Web Shop, information is from Tamashii Web.

On the other hand, Tamashii Web has a special section set up for Chogokin for the Adult Apollo 11 and Saturn V announced back in late October.

The official English name for this special product line is revealed for the first time as well. 大人の超合金 "Otona no Chogokin" - Adult's Chogokin.

Yes, very useful name for those who speak no Japanese. ^^;

Larger images of this item are shown in the "Spec" section.

Last image shows the CM (Command Module) of Apollo 11, the special prize to be included for the first batch of release.

760mm tall. March release, 52,290 Yen (inclusive of tax).

More information and images can be seen in this and this previous posting.

Images are from Tamashii Web.