Monday, February 01, 2010

Limited Macross F Movie Ver. Nyan Nyan Special Ramen Set

Another rare food-related posting on my blog ^^

After Gundam instant noodle in late December 2007 and cup noodle in July last year, it's time for Macross Frontier fans to see their favorite anime on the noodle packaging. ^^

Bandai Premium announces Macross Frontier special ramen set of 20 with special prizes.

Unfortunately for international fans, this is going to Bandai Premium limited item to be ordered through Bandai Premium web only. Furthermore, production is limited to just 5,000 set.

Two versions available as you can see, with some fictitious setting: Ranka Lee's version is supposedly to promote for "Macross Heavy Mecha Exhibition" (超時空重機展), while Sheryl Nome's version is sold during her concert (even though eating ramen while watching a concert is quite an unbelievable idea. ^^; Souvenir maybe). For the 20-piece set, the ratio of Ranka's ver. and Sheryl's ver. to be included is random.

The noodle and the ingredients are made by Nissin Food, the same company that brough us Cup Noodle [Mini Gunpla Packing], and the description is really quite awesome. ^^

* Soup: The soup shows the image of the Universe, through soy sauce taste which boasts a deep and dark color. You can feel the galaxy expanding in your mouth with each taste.

* Ingredients: The sesame seeds show the innumerable stars floating in the galaxy, while the meat conveys the image of how a meteorite looks like.

* Ramen: specially made as well.

I'll never look at my cup noodle the same way as I used to after today XD

The special prize mentioned is a clear file with illustration of Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee.

Pre-order through Bandai Premium has started since January 29th, and will finish when the quote (5,000) is reached. Cardboard outer box is used to contain the items.

The food will be produced in March (last for 5 months). Late March release, 5,250 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Information and images are from Bandai Premium: Link 1, Link 2.