Saturday, October 11, 2008

HG 1/144 GN-XIII & HCM-Pro G Box The Front Line Set

A quick review on the latest HG Gundam 00 kit, GN-XIII by Hatena Diary:

The usage of too many foil sticker is a bit too obvious here and there.

Can't say I like GN-XIII very much. ^^; Its red and white color scheme doesn't really make it look so villainous as the original GN-X, but it does look good as Louisse's unit ^^

Images above are from Hatena Diary.

Also, a review on HCM-Pro G Box E.F.F. MS Platoons Set, formerly known as E.F.G.F Vs Zeon Set on Momoja's Blog. Released last month, the price is 3,800 Yen exclusive of tax.

Didn't know that the backpack container can store the Hover Truck ^^

At 1/200 scale, those decals aren't going to be easy to apply ^^;

Plenty of actions for the Hover Truck!

Images above are from Momoja's Blog.