Friday, October 10, 2008

Limited HGIF Gundam 00 B-Side & Figma Shana

The upcoming 300-Yen per figure HGIF Gundam 00 B-Side seems to be coming with a magazine-limited release as well.

Order before/on November 10th, priced at 1,100 Yen?

The regular release is this month.

Another limited release is Max Factory's Figma Shana. The black haired ver. will be a limited release for Figure Maniax Vol. 29. Order before/on November 25th, the price is 2,500 Yen? Release date is Late March 2009.

Figure Maniax Vol. 29 will be on sale tomorrow (October 10th).

*Order date printed seems to be wrong - Order before November 25th 2007? ^^;

Scans are from Futaba Imageboard.

More images of the regular version:

140mm tall. The regular release will be available in December at 2,500 Yen.
Images from GA Graphic.

* Larger images can be found on Good Smile Company's site.