Tuesday, October 07, 2008

HCM-Pro Battle Damaged Exia

Not another release of HCM-Pro Exia, but a modified one instead, ^^; done by HCM-Pro Remodeling Room.

Anyone thinking of doing the same to their HCM-Pro Exia? ^^;

I still haven't watch Episode One yet, not even the raw version. I'm missing out a lot of fun. ^^;

Images above are from HCM-Pro Remodeling Room.

Also, another review on HG 1/144 GN Arms Type-D + Dynames, done by Hatena Diary.

Got to marvel at the accuracy of Bandai's molding technology. Look closer and you'll see the details on this 1/144 scale figure's pilot suit.

More close-ups on the beam pistols which were missing in the regular release.

Images above are from Hatena Diary.