Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Strike of Musha Mk. II

Banpresto's prize item only ^^;

Unfortunately, the ones mentioned in this postings are meant for a Japanese prize item campaign called "Nabi Take" (? - とるナビ) which will run till December 7th. From the translation provided by Google, I'm guessing that folks has to register them via mail, and these Gundam prize items are given out via lucky draw.

"Participating" in this campaign are three sets of already released and upcoming prize item sets, taking the lead is the highly anticipated (if there's any store in your area selling this product that it ^^;) Kiba Musha Real Figure Musha Mk. II.

Alternately, you can try to find these prize items on sites like Hobbylink Japan.

Both Kiba Musha Real Figure Musha Mk. II and Kiba Musha seem to have a different color scheme than their original Banpresto releases: The original Musha Mk. II has white face and overall white paint scheme; and I have never seen this black-body-white-mane color scheme for Kiba Musha.

Then again, I can't be too certain if these are indeed limited released for this campaign only, since I might missed the information of them in the past. Banpresto's prize items has less promotion as compared of the aggressive campaign by Bandai.

One more thing, there will only be 50 of this Musha Mk. II and Kiba Musha for the draw (武者頑駄無賞は50名) ^^;

Also in are SCM Gundam Ex Gundam RX-78-2, GM, Gouf and Zaku II.

SCM Ex Gundam RX-78-2 is a long discontinued item on Hobbylink Japan.

SCM GM will be available by Late November.

I'm quite certain this Gouf is from Ramba Ral Squadron Set to be released by Late November, but it has lighter color scheme and the Zeon insignia on the shield is missing.

This Zaku II is also from Ramba Ral Squadron Set, but the regular version has separate releases for Zaku Machinegun and Zaku Bazooka.

All images from GA Graphic.