Friday, October 03, 2008

Zeonic Eyes

100 Yen each capsule toy from Bandai coming in this month. Indeed it has a new series name, but from what I see, the quality didn't improve much from the old SD Full Color Custom series. ^^; Many of the colors are missing (as with the SD Full Color Custom series).

Gundam capsule toy collectors may be disappointed. ^^

All seven types, early October release, 100 Yen each.

Vol. 2 coming in November, featuring Arios, Selavee, Wing, Tallgeese, Infinite Justice, Knight Gundam and Musha Mk. II. Images of their prototypes in this previous posting.

Images above are from Toysdaily.

On the other hand, the 300-Yen each HGIF Gundam Double O Characters B-Side is a different story in my opinion. The quality of these figures seems too well for their price tag. Each figure is 11cm tall, a size which is really suitable for display on your studies.

Em, maybe not ^^;

Images above are from Toysdaily.

I save the good stuff till the last actually. Behold: Bandai's future 300-Yen each capsule toy series: Zeonic Eyes

Zeon fans must be really excited about this release eh? That included me too. Quite similar to the Magnetic Scout series, but these new 'heads' have light-up action for their mono-eyes, and they can move at the same time. ^^

Also, they seem to be without base, if the scale is appropriate, Gunpla enthusiasts may be able to modify them to fit onto MG models ^^

Image from Toysdaily.