Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Red Day

Posting #1000!!


My 1/100 Alteisen! ^^ Couldn't have arrived in a much better time really :D

The same awesome feeling as reading the news of Liverpool beating Chelsea to top the Premiership table two nights ago ^^

Monday's a really red day for me (in a good way) ^^

A very detailed figure of Kyosuke Nanbu - the first model I have with a pre-painted figure included.

1/100 Alteisen is actually my first kit from Kotobukiya. As compared to Bandai's offerings, you don't get parts of different colors on the same runner. Also, the parts seem to be thicker and heavier than Gunplas as well. I can't say exactly, since this is my first and only Kotobukiya plamo.

Box is slightly bigger than MG Char's Gelgoog Ver. 2.0, but way more parts as compared to it (488 - Alteisen vs 356 - Char's Gelgoog).

A lot of thanks to many people for this kit to arrive in my hands actually. Thanks to Raymond the seller from Lowyat Forum, Royce who first got me the deal, and Eric for the trouble of ordering it for me, bank-in and the transportation (since I'm have zero experience in ordering kits from overseas), and Chong for the temporary inventory. ^^