Saturday, October 18, 2008

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka - Golden Emblem

Some ultra large close-ups on MG Sinanju Ver. Ka from Midori Blog are able to tell us more about how those golden emblems on MG Sinanju would look like when the clear sticker or decal included is used (instead of paint them yourself).

For the images above, I'm not sure whether the emblems are from clear stickers or decals. Apparently, Bandai has some plan for that as well for that kit, as revealed by Hirofumi Kishiyama-sensei: この金色のマーキングはメタル調の印刷で、下地が透けにくくなるよう配慮された仕様になる予定という。 (from GA Graphic)

Marking seal in golden metallic color with a transparent base?

That would explain the glittering golden stripes and the glossy black area as seen in the two images above. Looks good to me, as the gold color is able to cover the black part completely.

But still, I prefer the plain painted version instead. No bling-bling for my Sinanju ^^

Also, I have no idea how Bandai's going to design that huge decal/sticker for the shield. Hajime Katoki-sensei's design sure is a huge challenge to the MG line.

A few more things I spotted:
- There's a little Zeon insignia molded on the interior of the chest, right beneath the neck (first image above)
- See those conductive pipes for the abdomen? Don't think they come from the 'slide-on' design from MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0. You'll get to assemble them ring by ring I suppose.
- Metal pipe as the base for each I assume? They are four of them (front view).
- The beam saber hatch for the forearm is open Gundam NT-1 style! ^^
- No revealing of the pilot cockpit yet.

All images from Midori Blog