Friday, October 03, 2008

BB Senshi 00 & HCM-Pro Arios EDITED

EDITED: Plenty of images for HCM-Pro G-Box 00 Gundam + O Riser!

More images for the two Gundam Double O merchandises above:

Very high playability ^^
Images from Toysdaily.

Hollow tail stabilizer? XD
Images from Toysdaily.

So that's how 00 Gundam 'gattai' with O Riser. IT's basically splitting up O Riser into three components, the two wing units mount onto the Twin GN Drives, while the body attaches to the backpack.

Almost too simple eh? ^^;

It's as I worried as well. Previously I was hoping that body of O Riser could support the two wing units from the back after the transformation, and not merely relying on the Twin GN Drive. Two big wing units hanging onto them may be a huge burden for them to carry. That could work out well for this HCM-Pro version no doubt, since the figure is small, but the joints are just as strong. I'm more concerned about the Gunpla release, especially the 1/100 scale version. I saw before for the prototype of 00 that the Twin GN Drives would be pulled down even when it's just the Blade Shield that is attached to them. And now bigger and heavier O Riser coming to add on more weight to it. I'm not too optimistic about the ability of the 1/100 scale version to handle too much action. Nope, not even ABS hard plastic is that reliable for such heavy attachments.

Then again, I really love the color and the markings on this new HCM-Pro 00. Not the shiny conventional blue for Gundam as seen in its singular release, but a more subtle GN Arms-type of blue. That's quite refreshing to see. ^^ The marking design is quite cool as well. ^^

Also, we get to see another use of GN Sword II - huge beam saber.

Images are from Amiami.

Others, fans of Linebarrels of Iron may be interested in this set of Gashapon:

Ultimate Solid Ex Linebarrels of Iron

All five types. Eight figures per set. Each figure is 80 to 95mm tall. January 2009 release. 6,300 Yen per set.

Images are from Amiami.