Wednesday, October 08, 2008

1/72 Ranka Lee's VF-25F

Good morning everyone! ^^ A quick posting before starting my work ^^;

Remember the limited merchandises to be sold at the upcoming 48th All-Japan Model Hobby Show posted some time ago? Their images are up:

1/100 Exia Roll-Out Color Type - 2,300 Yen
Color scheme as expected... ^^

BB Senshi 108 Raitei Sennari Shin Shougun Special Ver. - 3,500 Yen

1/72 Transformable VF-25F with special decal - 4,500 Yen
The theme for the special decal included is Ranka Lee. ^o^ I can imagine the blood shot eyes of those people who are drooling over this limited decal now XD

1/60 Bandai's Plamo Molding Machine - 500 Yen

This event will be held from October 16th through to 19th in Chiba.

All images are from Bandai Hobbysite.