Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More HG Cherudim & Robot Damashii Arios Coolness

Two more reviews on HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam: Climax F and Taste, and both of them really made me salivating over this HG kit:

Wicked defense system ^^
Way more unpredictable than the two little 'doors' on Dynames's Full Shield.

Images from Climax F

Images from Taste

If those Shield Bits has its own enemy detection system, and will move to defend the Gundam from all directions automatically, that would make Cherudim pretty much safe from all attacks even without GN Field eh?

Anyway, the articulation of this HG is out of the question. What I love the most is the really flexible Shield Bits, and the bonus of that clear stand included. Normally we only get to see the action of the MS alone when it's posed, but with Cherudim, it's not just the Gundam itself, but how the Shield Bits interact with the model is very exciting to see as well.

On the other hand, Robot Damashii Diary reveals the interactivity between the previously released 00 and Arios Gundam.

Reminds me of Char's Gelgoog hanging on Elmeth's tail from the original Gundam ^^

And that looks like Hyaku Shiki riding on top of Zeta Gundam's Waverider form XD

Not satisfied with the gimmicks merely for each figure, the designer seems to have planned for all the Gundams to 'get along' with each others as well XD

Another silhouette of Mr. Bushido's Ahead:

Even the website changed the name to Mr. Bushido's Ahead (ブシドー専用アヘッド) now XD
Previously it was Masked Man's Ahead (仮面の男専用アヘッド).

"Graham Aker's Ahead" near the end of the show maybe? ^^
Images are from Robot Damashii Diary.