Thursday, February 12, 2009

HG 1/144 Seraphim

Today is the release date of HG 1/144 Seraphim. Images of its content and construction manual are not up yet, but many Japanese fans have assembled theirs.

Two runners and one polycap set for the same price as 00 Gundam. Hmm...

The whole head is from part-swapping!
Doesn't fit the description of "complete transformation" (モビルスーツ形態からバックパック形態に完全変形!) as it claims to be when it was first announced.

No point inside the arm to fit the cannon turret's clear part in backpack mode?

Hopefully these aren't the only action poses it can perform ^^;

Fits onto Seravee's back nicely. ^^

The entire forearm of Seraphim can be swapped with Seravee's cannons, but in order to get all four hands for the cannons, you will need two kits instead.

Images from Futaba Imageboard.