Monday, February 16, 2009

HGHG 1/144 Zaku Ground Battle Set

Hatena Diary has a review on the just released HGHG 1/144 Zaku Ground Battle Set.

Very plentiful content, even though the many of the components are repeated.

New hand option parts in gray vs the originals in green. Either color is OK actually, but if according to MG Ver. 2.0 in which the color of this Zaku II is referencing, it should be gray hand with green armor.

Caution: the picture you see here shows much bigger size for those soldier units than they really are in this kit. Good luck painting them ^^;

Super detailed Type 61 Tank. ^^ The turrets are individually movable too.
Painting is required for the explosion effect part to look real.

All images from Hatena Diary.