Thursday, February 19, 2009

BB Senshi Sangokuden Choko Zaku III & Others Now Available

A few new plamo kits are available today on Hobby Search:

BB Senshi Sangokuden Choko Zaku III - 600 Yen

One of Shiba-I Sazabi's runners is used for Choko Zaku III, and I think this BB Senshi Sangokuden kit is going to set the record of having the least parts ^^;

The manual this round features a gathering of warriors for each of the three kingdoms, and Sousou's son, Cao Pi (曹丕) debuts!
Looks just like his father XD

1/72 Transformable VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie Alto's Unit - 6,500 Yen. Construction manual not shown though.

Awesome details inside the thruster nozzle ^^

Many parts of on the original runners of VF-25F are unused. No complete convention between the plain and Super mode then :(

Six runners and one polycap set for the Super Pack.

The missile pod caps are molded in red, VF-25F's distinguishing color to the other three Super Messiahs. Not sure what color will be molded for the individual release of the Super Pack.

The new markings for the Super Pack (on the left) also come as clear sticker and water slide decal

Action Display Base S.M.S. Ver. - 800 Yen

The yellow stripes on the base are from foil stickers.

Also released today are two giant Jumbo Grade completed models:

1/35 Jumbo Grade Gundam RX-78-2 30th Anniversary Commemorative Ver. - 19,800 Yen

1/35 Jumbo Grade Char's Zaku II 30th Anniversary Commemorative Ver. - 19,800 Yen

All images from Hobby Search.

The next round of new releases, the last round for February is one week from now (26th) featuring:
* HG 1/144 Sergei's Customized Tieren Taozi - 1,575 Yen (inclusive of tax).
* MG GM Ver. 2.0 - 3,675 Yen (inclusive of tax).
* 1/72 Transformable RVF-25 Luca's Unit - 6,090 Yen (inclusive of tax).
* Super Pack for 1/72 Transformable VF-25 - 2,100 Yen (inclusive of tax).
* Keroro Gunsou Plamo Collection Musha Lieutenant Garuru - 630 Yen (inclusive of tax).