Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PG Astray's Variations?

First reported on SRW Hotnews:

Scan from Dengeki Hobby April Issue sheds quite a bit of excitement and a lot of speculations regarding the possible variations to be released after Astray Red Frame in March.

In the middle is Astray M-1, Orb's production type MS based on Astray and Strike. Being a grunt unit does make it to be less popular than a few other variations, like Gold Frame Amatsu, which is represented by his signature forearms claws sealed behind yellow security tapes on the left. XD

And, on the right is, Astray Unit 5?

Is there a Unit 5 for Astray? I seriously can't recall. Gold, red, blue, and green are the only four colors I can recall for Astray ^^; Will it be a "new" design (as in a new color for its frame)? A new manga series, or the very first PG original MS design? We'll need more information to confirm on that.

At the same time, I think it's also important to remind everyone that nothing is substantial about the next PG after Astray Red Frame. You can't miss those two huge question marks on M-1 and Unit 5 right? ^^;

Also, just because the design sketches are out does't mean it will be released as well. Years ago, design for Duel and Buster were in PG Strike's manual, and so were the Sword and Launcher Packs for Strike in the manual of Skygraspher. But there's no news about them so far anyway.

Please keep in mind about everything being just our speculations at the moment. It's better not to be too jumpy at the moment, only to get disappointed more and more for waiting and more waiting after a particular "rumor" (based on personal experience ^^;).

Image from SRW Hotnews.