Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SHCM-Pro Exia Regular vs DX Repair Set EDITED AGAIN

EDITED: Added even more images from Amiami.

EDITED: Added one new image of HCM-Pro 65-00 O Raiser.

New images for SHCM-Pro Exia regular and DX [Repair Set].

The DX version has a metallic, darker tone to its overall paint scheme.

Looks like the base of all the beam sabers and daggers can rotate to allow Exia to pull them out more naturally.
No part swapping for the GN Long and Short Blades. First for all Exia merchandises ^^

Comes with option part to mount Exia to HG 1/144 GN Arms Type E! That's very thoughtful of Bandai. ^^
All the weapons can be stored under the display base as well.

The beam saber is very long ^^;
Look at the length of the beam parts underneath the display base in one of the pictures above.

Only the DX Version has markings on the body.

Quite a number of parts to convert Exia to the damaged version.

Both will be released in March. The regular version is 5,040 Yen (inclusive of tax), while the DX [Repair Set] is 7,560 Yen (inclusive of tax).

All images from Gundamer Dotcom.

EDITED: New images:

Regular version

DX [Repair Set]

All images from Amiami: regular version, DX [Repair Set].

EDITED AGAIN: One new image of image of HCM-Pro 65-00 O Raiser.

Darker-tone but brighter colors to match the singular release of HCM-Pro 60-00 00 Gundam.

94mm in length. March release, 1,785 Yen (inclusive of tax). Also include a display stand, GN Drive for 00 Gundam x2, backpack for mounting O Raiser, and beam option parts x2

Image from Amiami.