Saturday, February 21, 2009

Special Marking Seal for Dengeki Hobby May Issue

Dengeki Hobbyweb released a preview of the content for Dengeki Hobby April Issue, and a bit of information about May Issue as well.

For the April Issue (February 25th release):

One the right is one of the three special appendixes for this month's issue: Gundam Double O 2nd Season Mechanic Setting Files. The other two are galleries of Type 74 MBT and something about ammunition.

Apart from the latest models (MG GM Ver. 2.0, 1/100 Arios, 1/144 Seraphim, HGHG Zaku Ground Battle Set) and others, there will be extensive coverage on PG Astray Red Frame of course.

Also, some information about the May Issue (March 25 release), two special gifts included:
I. ガンダムアストレイレッドフレーム特製マーキングシール
II.川口名人監修 パーツセパレーター

- special marking seal for Gundam Astray Red Frame
- Katsumi Kawaguchi's supervised Part separator

Something like this? (from Ngee Khiong Ex)

Information and images from Dengeki Hobbyweb.