Monday, February 23, 2009

The 15th Prize Fair Part 2

Returning to the second coverage on the 15th Prize Fair after looking at Sheryl Nome and Klein Klan from Macross 2009.2.22 Launch Pre-Event XD

Continue from Part 1.

You will see many items without any product information for this second part. ^^;

Sega's products

[Sega] DOA Figure EX - 18cm tall. July release.

[Taito] Neo-Human Casshern figure - with detachable mask. August release.

[Taito] Science Ninja Team Gatchaman G-1 Ken Washio and G-2 Joe Asakura. July release.

[Taito] Tora-Aman Stuffed Toys

[Taito] Kuro & Toro prize items

[Fu Ryu] Terminator series

[Banpresto] Bleach DX Assembly Type Posing Girl Figure Vol. 2 Rangiku Matsumoto - September release.

[Banpresto] SD G Generation Assembly Type Collectible Figures Vol. 1 - August release.
* Another figure not shown in Phoenix Gundam

[Banpresto] Gundam Kiba-Musha Gaiden Real Type Figure III Three Sacred Item Set - September release.

[Banpresto] Code Geass R2 DX Assembly Type Figure Vol. 3 Karen Kouzuki - July release.

[Banpresto] Keroro Gunsou Stuffed Toys

[Banpresto] Evangelion Petite Figures Vol. 4 - September release. Another character from this series not shown here is Ritsuko.

[Banpresto] Kamen Rider Decade DX Deformed Big Figure - May release.

All images from Akibahobby, Dengeki Online.