Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gundam Frag. in Gundam Double Z Memorial Box

Announced quite some time ago that we'll be getting the Blu-Ray disc box set of Gundam Double Z TV series this year, but it seems that there are more than just HD quality anime in those two sets ^^

Gundam Dot Info announced that two short Gundam CG films will be included for the two sets, called "Gundam Frag." - short for Gundam Fragments. The film will be about glimpses of the daily and not-so-daily life on the battlefield of Universal Century (宇宙世紀の戦場の日常と非日常が垣間見えるショートフィルム。)

Release info:
* Part I (Episode 1 - 24) - September 25th release
* Part II (Episode 25 - 47) - November 25th release

36,750 Yen for each set (inclusive of tax).

Part 1 includes 2 opening themes and 1 ending theme from the first half of the series and a 48-page introduction booklet.

Image and information from Gundam Dot Info.