Thursday, July 20, 2006

KL Trip: Food

Here are some of the food encounter in KL, but definitely not all. One of the reminders I gave myself before eating was to take a photo first. However, sometimes when the food is right in front of a hungry mouth, the brain will malfunction until the plate was empty. So don't misunderstand that these were the only food I ate in KL, there were more. No kidding.

Cha Siow Rice in Bukit Bintang - nice, but definitely not enough for me :-)

Cha Siow Wantan Noodle near our hotel in Bukit Bintang - KL style noodle, looked like vermicelli to me, but not as fragile

Curry noodle near Low Yat Plaze as breakfast. After the meal, everyone went *sniff* *sniff*

Really nice Japanese food in KL Twin Towers's Sushi King. See how many empty plates on the table? Not paisei at all

And this is the stuff I ordered in Sushi King - ??? Bento (forgot the name, but really nice, RM11 I think)

Burger King in One Utama, much better than McDonald in my opinion

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Mixed rice on Genting, hot and spicy

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Pizza Hut on Genting - one large pizza finished by the four of us in less than ten minutes, one new record for me, but no discount what so ever

McDonald at LCCT KL before coming back to Kuching. Gosh! I forgot to order my apple pie back then. And the cigaratte box wasn't mine as well.