Saturday, July 29, 2006

Thanks for your Support

Checked Google just now (8.20pm, 29th July 2006) and found that my blog is now at the 8th result result when you search for "blogspot Gundam". I'm very pleased with the improvement, as months ago, I can't even find my name in the 16th or 17th page of the same search. Thanks to all your support as well, for frequently visiting my page and leave your precious feedback. There'll be more updates on Gundam models in my blog in the future, plus a lot of reviews on my own model collection as well.

My blog is now No.8 on Google, and I didn't pay anything to advertise!

Speaking of updates, I still owe you guys reviews on HGUC Gelgoog Marine and Dontropen, plus MG Strike Gundam, also review on anime series UC0083: Stardust Memory and the movie Gundam F91. Quite a lot of stuff to write up :-)

At the mean time, here's a cute clip about the finale of Gundam Sentinel from YouTube. A note for all of you, Gundam Sentinel was never made into any sort of anime series or movie, as the original story only appears in a photographic novels, i.e. a novel with many model-based images. So, some Japanese 3D animator converted the story into this little clip. Cool!!