Thursday, July 20, 2006

KL Trip: Some cool stuffs I saw

Here are some of the cool stuffs I saw in KL. Some are quite interesting, available only in KL, or maybe it's just me being 'sakai' (unfamiliar of many common things perceived by most people). Anyway, I will just let the photos tell the story.

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Really beautiful and delicate handicrafts made from strings on the road side in Bukit Bintang

Star War miniatures in Time Square. R2-D2 seemed really cute in the model.

He is the Malaysian Idol host, in a futsal game in One Utama. I don't know the name, and don't really care anyway. But the girl next to him was really cute ^o^

Too bad Mr. Windows Defender can't defend himself from vandalism (taken in Low Yat Plaza)

And here's the Zorro look. Muahahaha~~

23-hour restaurant? Do they have 1 hour lunch break?

No wonder I felt lucky and energetic that day

Super-duper parking skill shown near Starhill. It was a Proton Perdana with about 1cm distance away from the stone barrier. Cool!

Met Harrison Ford... ...'s palm print in Planet Hollywood, Starhill

Nice car :-D

Somehow I don't feel discriminated at all for not being allowed to sit there.