Friday, July 21, 2006

Upcoming Gundam Merchandises

Here are some pictures on the upcoming Gundam Merchandises from The Gundam Base. Side 1:

MG F91
MG F91 – the model everyone is talking about is finally out. Looks pretty impressive to me. The base with the MA Rafflesia design is included, which means that future model releases will have more and more sophisticated display bases included as well. But most importantly, the inner frame design is close to a PG version. Does this means that Bandai is halting the PG line? Let’s hope not!

HGUC Powered GM
HGUC Powered GM - an improved version of GM that appears in the first two episodes of UC0083: Stardust Memory. The mecha design is really impressive, even for a HGUC model.

MG Ball (Shark Mouth marking version)
MG Ball (Shark Mouth marking version) - from MS IgLoo Episode 3 where Zudah made its debut. This is just a revised release of the previous MG Ball Ver. Ka, with an additional shark mouth marking in front, as seen in the 3D anime.

HCM Pro ReGZ – the REfined Gundam Zeta gets its HCM Pro treatment, after Quess Paraya’s Jagd Doga and Sazabi from Char’s Counter Attack were released not long ago.

HG 1-144 Slaughter Dagger
HG 1-144 Slaughter Dagger – have no idea where this guy appears in the SEED or SEED Destiny or any of its side story, but it’s basically a 105 Dagger + Gun Barrel kit combined with the Aile Strike pack from Strike Gundam in a different color. Sneaky Bandai.

HCM Pro Char’s Gelgoog
HCM Pro Char’s Gelgoog – with this release, ace pilot Char Aznable will only have MSN-02 Zeong to go before having all his MS released in HCM Pro format. Really famous guy, isn’t he?

On a separate note, Gunota Headlines reported that three models confirmed for release in September include MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka, HGUC Gundam Hazel II and HG GINN Type Insurgent, all which I have zero knowledge about. MG Crossbone Gundam was in my anticipation since the release of the SD version quite a long time ago. With the success of the development on MG F91 mentioned above, models of smaller sizes can be produced while the details and articulation are enhanced. So, you can expect models from V Gundam, Gundam X and so on to be released pretty soon as well.