Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Favorite Gundam Poll: The Original is still the Best

After 110 votes, here’s the result: Gundam RX-78-2 from the original Gundam series tops the list with 24% of votes. So, the original is still the favorite Gundam design of all. Quite amazing, as mid-way through the votes, the battle is between Freedom Gundam and Gundam Mk II. They were 2nd and 3rd respectively in the final count.

Gundam GP01/fb were place 8th although it was leading at one time. The last place goes to Gundam ZZ from the series with the same title. Maybe everyone’s not familiar with this mecha? Or the complex transformation process it possesses doesn’t impress at all. Anyway, here are the complete result and a bit of intro on each of the Gundams:

Winner: Gundam RX-78-2: (MS Gundam) a prototype MS developed by the Earth Federation during the One Year War in UC0079. Piloted by a Newtype named Amuro Ray, who pushed the ability of Gundam beyond its limit, the ultimate MS helped to turn the tide of the war in favor of the Earth Federation, and becomes a legend in the UC timeline.

1st Runners-up: Freedom Gundam: (Gundam SEED) developed in secret by the ZAFT, featuring the Nuclear Jammer Canceller, this MS is powered by a nuclear generator, providing the MS with unlimited Phase Shift ability. Handed over to Kira Yamato by ZAFT’s Lacus Clyne, Kira would use this Gundam to fight evil from both ZAFT and OMNI.

2nd Runners-up: Gundam Mk II: (Gundam Zeta) the first Gundam developed by the notorious Titans in its military build-up, Gundam Mk II resembles closely to its predecessor, the original Gundam while featuring many new improvements. Gundam Mk II is later hijacked by AEUG, in a series of sorties to end the Titans’ grip on humanity.

4th Place: Wing Gundam: (Gundam Wing) originally, this Gundam was built to destroy Earth among with four other Gundams in a secret plan named Operation Meteor. However, the developer of this Gundam handed it to a teenager named Heero Yuy, who would use this Gundam in the name of justice, and to help the innocents.

5th Place: Zeta Gundam: (Gundam Zeta) the first transformable Gundam in the UC history, Zeta Gundam becomes the flag MS of AEUG against the Titans. The MA mode, called Waverider, not only features added mobility and speed, but becomes capable of atmospheric re-entry as well. The design of Zeta Gundam would serve as the blue-print for other MS, such as Gundam ZZ, Zeta Plus, and ReGZ.

6th Place: Strike Gundam: (Gundam SEED) after being overwhelmed by ZAFT’s GINN in terms of MS mobility and sheer power, the OMNI responded by developing five secret Gundam-type MS. Four Gundams were hijacked before seeing action, while the last one, GAT-X105 Strike Gundam was used by a young boy named Kira Yamato, who was forced to join the military to save his friends. After Kira upgrades to Freedom Gundam, Strike is handed to ace pilot Mwu La Fllaga.

7th Place: Others: all other Gundams not mentioned in this poll. Many people responded in the message box once asking about Gundam Wing Ver. Ka and some other Gundams. Those votes are counted as ‘Others’.

8th Place: GP01 and GP01fb: (UC0083: Stardust Memory) Prototype Gundams developed by a private company Anaheim Electronics contracted by the Earth Federation after the One Year War. Another unit, GP02A was hijacked by Zeon remnant Anavel Gato when the Gundams were sent to Australia for field test. In pursuit, rookie pilot Kou Uraki boarded GP01 and begins the endless chase. GP01fb, the ‘Full Vernien’, is the upgraded version of GP01fb, specialized in space combat.

9th Place: Gundam ZZ: (ZZ Gundam) developed for AEUG by Anaheim Eletronics, Gundam ZZ features one of the most complex transformation process of all MSs in the UC timeline. With the ability to split into three components, as well as to dock all three of them to form either the MS mode or a huge MA mode called ‘G-Fortree’, Gundam ZZ’s design surpasses all other MS during its time.

All images are from MAHQ.net. By the way, I'm starting another poll, just for the fun of it. This time it's about non-Gundam MS from various series. So start voting!